Mooreland Farms, Inc.


 This website is dedicate to the online game called Virtual Horse Ranch, within these pages you will find detailed train guides and other great resources. Feel free to browse around, I'm constantly updating this site. Message Mooreland Farms, Inc. with any comments or if you would like to see something in particular. I look forward to hearing from you! 

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Mooreland Farms, Inc.

             "Where the best, just got better!"

Starting out as three, adult ran, novice accounts in 2006, Mooreland Farms, Inc. has grown into a rather large collection of over twenty ranches. We now boast six sponsors: two specializing in breeding and training, and four eventing ranches. In 2007, we started to breed non inbred, pure horses. Currently, we specialize in breeding top quality Irish Sport Horses, Irish Draughts, Irish Thoroughbreds, and Appendix Quarter horses, from foundation horses. We also have a top notch breeding and eventing program for Thoroughbreds, Appaloosa, and American Quarter horses. We also are one of the few ranches to breed and event pure, non inbred Grade AAA horses. 

All horses bred, on one of the Mooreland Farms, Inc. ranches will proudly display the MFI (shield) brand. All of our pure, non inbred eventing and breeding stock, will utilize the prefix Moorelands in front of their name. We take great pride in the quality and purity of our stock, and each one lives up to our motto, "Where the best, just got better!"  We go above and beyond, to see that you get the most out of any foal bought from our sales ranch, offering if needed to event train or roll your new addition to your ranch.  

Recently we have started experimenting with inbreeding in the Descendant of Comanche breed. This hopefully will settle the question, does inbreeding or not, make any difference in eventing. All inbred stock shall use the prefix MFI (Inbred) to their name, to denote their status as experimental horses. Currently, none of these special horses are offered to the public.